Important Notice to Buyers

Dear prospective buyer

Thank you for registering your intention to purchase a pony/ponies at our forthcoming August 2 day sale. As you are probably aware, due to Covid restrictions and Department of Agriculture regulations, the number of buyers permitted in the sale ring at any one time is limited to 50. Likewise, only registered buyers will be permitted in the sales yard and the number permitted in the yard will also be limited to 50.

In order to allow everyone to conduct their business in a safe and efficient manner we wish to highlight the following actions that will be taken to ensure this:

Only registered buyers who display their wristband (to be collected from the office on the morning of the sale) will be permitted entry to the yard or sales ring.
Once the maximum number allowed inside has been reached no further people will be permitted entry.
Members of the public who remain for extended periods of time in the yard or sales ring who are not carrying out genuine business may be asked to leave.
Everyone is asked to carry out their business and then leave the yard or sales ring until the next lot they are interested in is due through the ring.
There will be a marquee with large screen displaying the sale on site to accommodate buyers waiting to enter the yard.

Please be aware that you can also use our online facility to follow the sales and bid using your phone from the comfort of your home, car or outside the sales ring. Download the marteye app via the apple appstore or google playstore.

All those entering the sales ring will be requested to wear a facemask at all times and to comply with social distancing regulations. If you do not bring your own mask they will be available for purchase in the sales office.

Hand sanitizer stations will be situated at all entry points to the sales complex. Please use them as you enter and leave the premises.

To ensure the future of our sales during these difficult times we are asking that all our clients cooperate fully with these requests and follow the instructions given by our staff at all times.