Buying Online

Online bidding is available via the MartEye App and Website,

Please make sure to complete all fields in order for you to be approved to bid, our conditions of sale are also applicable to online buyers. We encourage you to include your phone number and email to ensure we can keep you informed about future sales, our catalogues and any other relevant information.

For people who don’t have a herd number please put 1,2,3,4,5 as your herd number.When applying to bid online you will be asked to give a valid credit card number without this you cannot be approved to bid.

If you would like to be contacted by email or text with news on our upcoming sales please make sure to sign up via this Google form.

If you’re successful with your bid online we please ask you to call a member of our team on +353 95 21861 and we can organise payment over the phone along with helping you contact a transporter, organise vetting if applicable and organise stabling if your horse isn’t leaving the premises on that day.