The Irish Horse board provides refunds of air or ferry travel costs to the purchasers of horses or ponies for export at auction sales, or at certain shows, subject to the following:Rate of RefundThe maximum rate of refund is as follows:

  • Great Britain claimants: €127, for airfare (Please see 3 below in relation to refunds for travel by ferry)
  • European mainland claimants: €317, for airfare (Please see 3 below in relation to refunds for travel by ferry)
  • USA, Australia claimants: €825
  • Other countries: Refund rate to be decided by application.

Note: The refund rate cannot exceed the cost of the ticket.DocumentationAn application form must be completed by the applicant and by a representative of the sales company or the show. Please note that there are separate application forms for auction sales (Form A) and shows (Form B).A copy of the travel ticket must be supplied to support each claim (including both inward and outward journeys). In relation to auction sales, the relevant buyers invoice/sales docket must also be included to support each claim.In the case of buyers travelling together by ferry in a car or in a lorry, the Irish Horse Board will make refunds subject to the following:

  • Presentation of the ferry ticket for the car/lorry (including both inward and outward journeys) and, where available, passenger boarding cards;
  • Completion of the relevant section of the application form by each claimant, stating the names and addresses of each claimant travelling together;
  • The combined refund for all claimants travelling together in a car/lorry will not exceed the cost of the ticket;

In relation to a buyer, who travels by ferry, and who purchases and exports five or more horses they may apply for a maximum refund of €635, provided the ferry ticket cost €635 or more. A pro rata refund applies to the purchase of one or four horses i.e. €127 per horse. The objective is to encourage individuals to make multiple purchases and to use their own transport.Application Forms at Connemara Pony Sales are available for collection from an official at the sale. Applications are sent by the applicant directly to the Irish Horse Board for processing and payment is made by the Irish Horse Board to the applicant.Auction Sales: Connemara Livestock Sales Ltd, Clifden, Connemara, Co. Galway Tel: +353 (0)95 21861 Web: Email: